Let’s talk toothpaste

How do you select the best toothpaste for you?

There are so many brands of toothpaste out there! How do you know which one is the best toothpaste?  It seems like there is always a new type that can make your smile whiter, brighter, and cleaner.

Toothpaste is a key component of your dental care because it helps remove plaque and bacteria from your teeth.

So which toothpaste is the best for you?

An important way to determine what kind of toothpaste is best for your oral health is to know what ingredients are actually in the toothpaste. The best ingredient in toothpaste is fluoride, but there are others.

The benefits of following ingredients are described on the ADA website:
  1. Potassium nitrate or strontium chloride is known to help reduce sensitivity. This ingredient will be good for you if you have general sensitivity and/or if you have recession.
  2. Stannous fluoride and triclosan is known to help reduce gingivitis. This ingredient will be good for you if you have red, puffy, bleeding gums.
  3. Pyrophosphates, triclosan and zinc citrate is known to help reduce calculus. Calculus is plaque that has been sitting on the teeth and has hardened over time. You cannot remove the calculus once it has developed on the teeth, but these ingredients will help reduce the calculus from forming. This ingredient will be good for you if you build up calculus quickly. However, it is not good if you have tooth sensitivity, because it can be abrasive.
  4. Modified silica abrasives or enzymes can help whiten teeth by physically removing surface stains. This is a good ingredient if you are concerned about surface stains on your teeth. However, it cannot whiten the teeth like bleaching can.
  5. Triclosan has been shown to help bad breath. This is a good ingredient for you if you feel like you have bad breath.

Knowing these ingredients can help you pick the right toothpaste for you.  But, even when using the best toothpaste you won’t notice a difference if your brushing technique is not adequate.  Let’s talk about that, next!

Brushing Technique

The mechanical motion of brushing with the toothpaste is one of the most important things you can do for your overall dental health. Brushing twice daily for two minutes each time is key, especially before bed once all meals and drinks have been consumed. Most people do not brush the full two minutes. Have you ever timed yourself? You might be surprised!

Angulation of the toothbrush is also very important. Half of the toothbrush should be on the gums. This is the most commonly missed area for most people.

Each tooth has multiple surfaces you will need to brush. The cheek side, the tongue side, and the top surface of the tooth is what the toothbrush can reach. The sides of the teeth are cleaned by floss.

Here at Ross Family Dentistry, we believe preventative care is the best thing you can do for your oral hygiene. It’s important to prevent cavities and gum disease before they even start.  A regular routine of brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups is a winning plan to keep you healthy.

Have questions about which toothpaste is best for you?

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